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PhotoBooks Creation & Options

Photo Gallery: Wedding Coverage

Photo Gallery: Luxury & Pro Classic Photobooks

Luxury & Pro Classic Photobooks Fabrication (PDF)


Your greatest photographies deserve to fit in one of the wonderful photobooks proposed.
Traditional photo albums with sticked in pictures are also available.
A second treatment will be applied to the chosen pictures where disturbing elements can be removed, the chosen pictures will afterwards be organised with a genuine and unique page setting.
A that time of the realisation the chosen pictures can always be readjusted and be associated to filters and other special treatments (colorised B&W, blur, shading tones..)

Full frame pictures, cropped pictures, full page, double page, thumbnails on coloured background or image background, possibilities are large.

Two formats for the Pro Classic collection: 20x30 vertical or 30x30 square.
Many formats for the Luxury collection: from format 20x20 square or 20x30 vertical/horizontal to the very large 40x40 or 40x50cm.

Several types of material and colours are available: from customised black rigid cover with chosen picture to customised pale pink nappa leather cover with names and date embedded; well as different types of papers: chrome paper, photo-paper, polished paper.

The format of the album, the number of pages and the type of material for the covers will determine the price of the album.
Between 10 and 100 pages for the Luxury collection.30 pages, 50 or 66 pages for the Pro Classic collection.Small formats are also available in the luxury collection.

When creation of the different pages of the photobook will be achieved, screen captures of all pages featuring in your phonebook will be submitted to your validation via ACDseeOnline Pro and the printing order will be sent only after your agreement.
Pro Classic photobooks printed by selected manufacturer and Luxury photobooks printed in Italy by Graphistudio (worldwide leader of weddingbook manufacturing.)

Ask for the rates: "Photobooks Collection 2014"
sk for the rates: "Additional photo goods 2014"

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