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  Workflow Process & Organisation  

Workflow Process & Organization

PhotoBooks Creation & Options

Photo Gallery: Wedding Coverage

Photo Gallery: Luxury & Pro Classic Photobooks

Luxury & Pro Classic Photobooks Fabrication (PDF)


A very good wedding coverage is in my opinion, the result of an alliance between serious creative technics capacities and a fluid contact between the photographer and his models.
Strong of 10 years of experience in the field of event photography, portraits and sport reporting: Yann Raout knows how to make his models feel comfortable in front of a camera.

To get a good coordination during your day, a " shooting plan" meeting (1h00) will be organised about a month before your wedding day.
Following to that meeting, a "shooting plan" summing up the activities of the day will be set up for you and provided by Email .
All pictures will be shot on Nikon cameras/Nikkor lenses/Nikon Flash.

During the wedding day, a serious amount of "efficient pictures" will be taken: official pictures of the different events, ambient pictures, portraits, group pictures, action pictures 'mise en scene", paparazzi, guests, kids…
A lot of pictures will be doubled, tripled or continuous shot in order to extract the best images of a situation, always in natural light, flashed or not .
About 65% (+/- 700 picts minimum for a coverage from the preparation to the wedding cake ) of those pictures will be selected and adjusted on different levels: White balance/exposition/Luminosity-Contrast-Saturation/Levels/Color balance/Sharpness/Geometry/skin scouring: Raw format .NEF Nikon.
Some pictures will be associated to different combinations of filters and finally recorded as Jpeg 80% 4288x2848/300Dpi (print resolution) and Jpeg 80% 1024x680/72Dpi (screen/web resolution.)

Further on, your pictures will be organised as thematic files, watermarked et uploaded on my web server with private access.
Some pictures chosen by you will be able to fit in one of the beautiful luxury or classic photobooks proposed.
All pictures provided on DVD can be printed up to posters 50x75 cm or viewed on large Lcd screens.

A few days after the wedding, the links and password to the different files will be sent to you by Email.
Your guests will receive during the day or evening a card with the access codes to the pictures if this is your desire.
This way, you will be able to view your pictures a few days after your wedding and possibly choose some of them to create a wonderful photobook.
Your guests will also be able to view the pictures from anywhere in the world and place their orders on their own if they like to.

Several shooting options are available like the "photo session décalée" where we organise a photo session of the groom and the bride a few days before or after the wedding at the sunset on one or two different locations, invitation/grateful cards, a mobile studio with withe background and lightbox, aerial shooting via multirotor photo drone…

Ask for the rates "Performances and opstions"

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